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10 Fat Loss Tips To Consider

Losing fat isn’t easy. There are no magic potions and there isn’t any wonder system. You’ll reach your goals one way and one way only. That’s by good nutrition and planned physical effort, backed by an intense desire. Now that I got that out of the way, here are 10 fat loss tips you should consider…

1. Keep ready-made protein sources in the house– Protein powder, plain Greek yogurt, cans or pouches of tuna, chicken, or salmon, cottage cheese and hard-boiled eggs.

2. A week’s worth of fiber rich fruits– apples, pears, bananas, strawberries, kiwi, blackberries, and oranges. Don’t run out!

3. Tupperware– Very important! You need to bring meals to work with you so you don’t “nutritional freestyle”- not knowing what you are going to eat until it’s time to eat. If you don’t have lunch planned you’ll see the sign about the McRib being back for a limited time and bust a hard right to get in line.

4. Good Supplements – Vitamin D is a must. Fish oil for Omega-3’s and a quality vitamin/mineral/antioxidant supplement like VIBE to fill in the gaps round out my list.

5. Food journal– You don’t have to count calories, but keeping a journal of what you are consuming always works. It’s not just what you are eating. The How, Where and with Whom matter as well.

6. Eat breakfast– Not cereal, not bagels, but a good source of protein (eggs) and fiber (oatmeal, fruit).

7. Control portions– You must have a caloric deficit to lose fat.

8. Water – 70+ ounces a day makes a dramatic difference.

9. Supporting Cast– If you think you can rely on will power and go at it by yourself, you have another thing coming. Tell everybody your goals and only surround yourself with people who care about you succeeding. A spouse sitting on the couch eating ice cream and cookies while you are trying to lose fat is a saboteur.

10. Daily movement – Exercise frequency matters. Strength train a couple of days, pick a form of cardio you like and do that a couple days and go on lots of walks.

If you currently do nothing on this list, I recommend starting with #6.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom