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10 Minute Booty Burner Circuit

The glutes (or “booty” in layman’s terms) can be stubborn when it comes to enhancing their shape and improving their strength.
They are powerful muscles designed to handle the physical demands of an active life. Unfortunately, we sit on them most of the day and neglect them.
Not anymore!
I want you to wake up those glutes with this booty burner circuit.
All I’m asking is that you give your glutes a little love a few times a week for 10 minutes.
This circuit is a great:
  • finisher (ending) to your leg routine.
  • stand alone circuit that should be done a few times per week.
  • primer for a bike ride or run.
Let’s get started!

10-Min. Booty Burner Circuit

For this circuit, all you need is a mini-band and your body weight. Mini resistance bands come with different levels of tension, so pick one that matches your fitness level.

We’ll do each exercise for 30 seconds, with 20-30 seconds of rest between each one.

Side Steps

Start with the mini band around your ankles in a semi-crouched position (not quite a squat). Step your right foot to the side, then bring your left foot next to it. Step your left foot to the side, then bring your right foot next to it. Repeat for 30 seconds, keeping the band taut the entire time.

Standing Kick Back

Bring the band above your knees and put your weight on one leg, keeping your knee slightly bent. Lift your other leg (without shifting the band too much), keeping your midsection tight. After 30 seconds (and your 20 second rest), repeat on the other side.

Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squat

Remove the band and get into the stance for a rear elevated split squat: facing away from a bench, chair, or couch, with the top of one foot propped on top of it. With your other leg, bend your knee at a 90° angle, so you go into a deep squat. Quality, not speed, is the key here. Do 30 seconds on each side.

It this is too tough, you can swap it in favor of a reverse lunge.

Single-Leg Hip Thrust

Start by sitting against your bench, couch, or another heavy piece of furniture. Go into a “tabletop” position, with your shoulders resting on the seat and your feet on the floor with knees at a 90° angle. Lift one leg and use the other leg to lift and lower your hips. Make sure you’re not holding yourself up with your arms. Repeat for 30 seconds on each side.

Bird Dog

Start by getting on your hands and knees, holding out alternate arms and legs straight out (either right arm/left leg or left arm/right leg). Lower your leg straight down, then lift it up and lower it again to the side. Repeat this movement for 30 seconds, then switch to the other side.

Foot-Elevated Hip Bridge

Position your mini resistance band at your knees and lie on the ground with your feet on your bench or couch. Lift your hips into a bridge and hold for 30 seconds, pushing your knees out slightly to put tension on the band.


Keep moving,
Coach Dom
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