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10 Minute Movement Flow To Help You Move More Often

Movement is the engine of health, wellness, and a long vibrant life

  • Purposeful movement strengthens muscles and bones.
  • Purposeful movement forces our lungs to work harder and our heart to beat faster.
  • When you are training your body as one piece, training various exercises at different speeds, the brain is being fueled with cognitive demands.
  • The more we move the better we absorb and digest nutrients from our food.

Purposeful movement a few days a week is not enough

  • You sleep six hours.
  • Sit in a car for 30 minutes on your way to work.
  • Sit at a desk for the better part of eight hours.
  • Get back in your car and drive twenty minutes back towards home, stopping at the gym for one of three workouts you will do this week.
  • You start your workout by sitting on a stationary bike for 15 minutes, followed by some light stretching.
  • Then you go around sitting down on machines for resistance training.
  • You barely broke a sweat.

Look and sound familiar? Maybe this isn’t exactly the case, but you get the point – You are sitting far more than you are moving!

Even if we add in a couple days of jogging or whatever, it’s not taking your body through all the various movements that it’s capable of doing.

That’s why you are going to start doing this 10-minute movement flow

Option 1 – You currently do zero structured exercise

  • Do this 10 minute flow once in the morning before work and again in the evening after dinner and before bed.

Option 2 – You do structured exercise at some point in the morning hours

  • Use this as your warm up prior to whatever it is you are doing.
  • Do this flow nightly sometime after dinner and before bed, preferably when you get up and start walking towards the kitchen for your habitual unnecessary snack, treat, or drink.

If you are a member of Breakthrough Fitness, you are already doing something similar at the beginning of your session.

Option 3 – You do your structured exercise in the evening hours

  • Do this 10 minute flow first thing in the morning.
  • Do this 10 minute flow as your warm up.

If you are a member of Breakthrough Fitness, you are already doing something similar at the beginning of your session.

What this flow will do for you

  • It will activate muscles, lubricate and loosen up joints, as well as stretch the fascia (connective tissue the covers the entire body), preparing the body for a lot of sitting.
  • It will provide fuel for the brain.
  • It will act as a bridge between being sedentary and activity.
  • It will add 20 minutes a day of extra movement. That’s 121 extra hours of movement in 365 days.
  • It will burn a few extra calories.
  • It will be one more good habit in your life.

Commit to doing this 10 minute flow 2x per day for the next 7 days

Keep moving,

Coach Dom