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13 Ways To Start Transforming Your Body And Health Immediately

If I told you to go shopping and fill your cart with only healthy foods, I bet you could do it.

Knowing stuff and doing stuff are different things. Our eating decisions aren’t based off of how much knowledge we have, but rather with WHAT and WHO is around us – our environment.

Why is environment so important?

We make decisions by habit. Our brain finds it’s happy place, which is based off a series of learned patterns and behaviors.  The brain chooses the easiest solution to what and who are around us.

A couple examples of learned patterns:

  • Order Chinese food and you’ll do your best to put a huge dent in what seems to be a bottomless container of fried rice. And since they gave you twenty-five packets of duck sauce, why not use a couple.
  • We will eat what is served. If you go to a party and chicken skewers, vegetables and fruits are laid out, that’s what you will eat. If the spread is fried chicken nuggets, wings and an assortment of chips, we would eat that too!
  • When we aren’t paying attention to eating, we tend to eat more.
  • We are a nation of supersized portions and that is now the new normal. A 4oz hamburger like my grand pappy used to eat? Shiiit, make it a double-stack dude. I’m a modern man!

Take a look at the pyramid. Tracking exact calories, macros and more “expert” stuff is at the top. This is where everyone wants to start. You can get results focusing on the top portion of the pyramid, but they won’t stick unless the foundation is rock solid. Are you looking to build a prefabricated house or the Roman Colosseum?

A vibrant, healthy and fit lifestyle requires a supportive social environment. Change the environment and the habits will follow.
We have to learn how to make healthy behaviors convenient
  • If you put cookies in front of Cookie Monster, eventually he will eat them.
  • Use small plates and cups. Feel free to eat everything on your smaller plate.
  • Have vegetables and fruits front and center in the fridge or on the counter.
  • Can’t seem to avoid the snack isles at the grocery store? Stop going and have it delivered.

13 tips you can do immediately to create a better environment

  • Keep the high-calorie ice cream and goodies out of the house. You still might drive your happy ass to Dairy Queen one night, but that’s better than eating ice cream every night cause it’s just sitting there.
  • Use a meal plan template –  Easy Meal Planning System You Can Use Immediately
  • Don’t be hungry at the grocery store. Make a list and get in and out!
  • Keep frozen fruits in the freezer for easy smoothie making.
  • Cook a batch of whole grains for the week (rice, quinoa, oatmeal). Do this on a Sunday and use it for meals throughout the week.
  • Keep a shaker container with a good quality protein powder in your car and workplace. Simply fill with water and shake for a quick snack/meal.
  • Keep workout gear in your line of sight. Hang a pull up bar or place a dumbbell in various places around the house. Every time you pass it, pick it up and do some rows, squats or presses!
  • Set out your workout clothes the night before if you train first thing in the morning. Also keep a couple workout outfits in your car.
  • Schedule workouts as top priority in your calendar. They aren’t luxuries or chess pieces to be moved around to open up space for other stuff. While you are at it schedule everything! When you will do laundry, clean the house, etc.
  • Make girls night out (or man night) something different than just hanging at a bar. Recently a member of BTF had a beach weekend with some girlfriends and they took this approach. They still drank wine and had fun, but instead of unhealthy foods, they all brought something healthy.
  • Combine walking and working. If your job involves phone calls or brainstorming, why not do it walking around the building or outdoors. Work at home? Buy a used treadmill and set up a “surf shelf” for your laptop.
  • Every hour at work step away from your desk for 10 minutes. This sounds too crazy? Then do it every two hours. Install anti-RSI software on your computer that forces you to take breaks.
  • Lean on your family and friends. Tell your true friends and trusted family members what it is you are trying to do. Ask them for help.

That’s thirteen tips that work. Pick a couple and get to work.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom