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Consumption of food is easier than ever these days. Every intersection is crammed with corporate restaurant chains and their menus designed to stimulate your hunger and appetite, so you consume more. There’s the trusty drive thrus, curbside pick up and home delivery. Just a few minutes of typing your order into an app or making a phone call and you’ll be overcharged for large quantities of average, soggy food.

No standing or movement required.

It’s no wonder that the amount of food eaten outside the home is at an all time high (and our expanding waistlines).

If you are serious about your health goals or weight loss/management strategies, then you must know that eating out is enemy territory.

The best way to have success is to know your enemy by researching ahead of time.

Enter the internet and online menus.

Here’s a solid plan for making the best choice available to you when eating out.

Where is the protein?

Find an entrée that features a lean source of protein.

Not a creamy pasta dish or bucket of rice accented with protein. The ratio of this meal will be WAY out of balance and you’ll eat way too many carbs.

How is the entrée described on the menu?

You want to find an entrée that has protein described as grilled, broiled, seared, steamed, poached, braised, or baked.

These are all cooking methods that are generally done without excessive amounts of added fats.

On the other hand, you want to avoid entrees that are described as- scalloped, parmesan, fried, bisque and breaded.

These are all cooking methods that use a lot of oil, cream, cheese, or breading that is going to send the calorie content of your meal through the roof!

Once you have your protein-featured entrée picked out and it is described in a way that will control excessive calories, ask yourself, “Where are the vegetables?”

Think salads or dishes that have a specific “side of” a certain vegetable. Side servings of vegetables can always, and pretty much should always, be doubled.

If the dish that you really want isn’t going to have a lot of vegetables, substitute and get some damn vegetables on your plate!

Last and least, starchy carbs (grains, pastas…)

Don’t worry about looking for these at restaurants because they’ll find you. They’ll load your plate up with pastas and rice and you’ll eat the majority because it’s in front of you. Now, if you’ve been mindful of your eating habits and this is a meal you planned on enjoying those carbs, then enjoy.

But, this is not often the case, so here are your options:

  • Double veggies – do it!
  • See if they have a better option – brown rice, whole-grain pasta….they probably don’t.
  • Tell them to only bring ½ of the standard portion (even this will be plenty).
  • Split the carb portion with your date.

The best method for overall healthy living and weight management is to eliminate exposure to situations that promote high calorie, over-indulgent meals aka prepare more meals at home and eat out less.

The second best strategy is to research menus ahead of time and make better choices.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom

At Breakthrough Fitness, we help busy people across Oviedo become STRONGER. HEALTHIER.

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