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How processed foods make you overeat is by design, not pure chance.

Here's how the big food manufactures make it happen.

#1 Marketing

Marketing is how a company/business tries to make you aware of their product or service. The powerful corporations behind food use the following marketing strategies to make you aware of their products:

  • Bright colored packaging, cartoon characters and celebrity endorsements.
  • Disguise unhealthy foods as healthy with powerful words and phases like – organic, vegan, gluten free that create an illusion or “halo” of health around them.
  • Catchy slogans – Have a break, You deserve it……

#2 Big portions make you feel like you are getting a good deal

  • We were raised not to waste food.
  • Be financially responsible and buy more for less.
  • Purchase a small one-serving drink or a large cup with free refills?

We perceive big portions are a better value for our money, but we forget about the “health tax” that comes with them.

Health Tax - The toll you pay for eating processed foods over time.

#3 Variety makes us hungrier

  • Choices excite us.
  • Party mix snacks and self-serve frozen yogurt bars with endless toppings are a couple of examples.
  • Try eating one thing with one flavor in abundance. Go ahead and let me know how many apples you can eat at one sitting.
  • When we take away all the variety, we are able to slow down, chew our food mindfully and recognize hunger/fullness cues.

#4 Multiple flavors at once are irresistible

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Fat

You may not crave spoonfuls of sugar, but that chocolate square filled with caramel and sprinkled with sea-salt is diabolical!

#5 Stimuli-stacking

  • Fat and salt – nachos, fries and cheesy items.
  • Fat and sugar – baked goods, ice cream
  • Fat, sugar and salt – french fries with ketchup or a chocolate caramel brownie sprinkled with sea salt.

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Keep Moving,

Coach Dom

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