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I’m not referring to a mind-altering psychedelic mushroom trip…

Rather, a change of direction from your current fitness and nutrition journey that will transform your health and body inside and out.

Your body is your vehicle through life.

Back in the day, it was a lot easier taking care of your vehicle.

But, those days when you were a young buck or the third prettiest girl in your school have long passed.

Years pass and having children and a profession changed the game, making time a hot commodity.

Stress increased and activity decreased.

The pounds that used to come and go around the holidays start sticking around.

And each year they recruited a friend or two to the party.

The sleek whip (body) that you used to roll in is now a beat down Cutlass Supreme with a pine tree air freshener and an empty bag of Cheetos Hot Fries on the floor board.

You can do better than this.

The vessel that allows you to experience the world around you deserves better.

So, let’s change direction.

Not a drastic “all or nothing” 180 degree turn, speeding along frantically with another fad diet or unrealistic plan.

We don’t need squealing tires, crying kids and your spouse gripping the Oh Shit handle to get the results you want.


We go on a road trip with friends or a community of people heading to the same place.

This makes it more FUN!

A coach and community will be there to celebrate your victories, help you overcome roadblocks, fix a blown tire and keep you from pulling over and stopping when the road gets rough.

Now you have your SUPPORT team in place, we pop in the cassette -if your car is old like mine :) and get moving!

We crank the engine up daily, following and trusting the maps (SPECIFIC PLAN), not getting distracted by the shiny billboards hyping big promises.

Sometimes we drive fast, kicking up dust and getting a little mud on the tires(specific meals and amounts + intense exercise that get us out of our normal comforts)...

Sometimes we drive slowly (controlling food intake, being mindful of portions and doing lots of low-intensity movement, like walking)...

Always making progress and getting closer towards our destination.

During the trip, we pay attention to the gauges…

Are we eating well enough to fuel, repair, and keep the body running at optimal levels, so we can make changes to our health, get those pants fitting better and dramatically change the shape of our body?

What are we using as “coolant” to handle overheating (STRESS)?

How is our mindset? Thoughts lead the way and can lead us astray.

Are we ignoring the “Check engine light”? (PAIN)

Once we arrive at our destination, we don’t discount the work to preserve our new body and health.

We THRIVE by continuing to accept and embrace the new habits, thoughts and daily choices made during the transformation.

If you want to shrink your waistline, improve your health and feel great going into the holiday season, join us for an 8-week Transformation Road Trip.

Check out the details for our Start, Strive, Thrive Transformation Challenge here >>


Keep moving,

Coach Dom

At Breakthrough Fitness, we help busy people across Oviedo become STRONGER. HEALTHIER.

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