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One of the oldest sports cliches has to do with which team has the “momentum.”

And it’s funny, the team that’s winning always seems to have the momentum, if you ask the “analysts.” And the team that’s losing doesn’t have any at all.

The reality is that both teams have momentum.

The winning team is moving forward positively.

The losing team is simply going the wrong way at the moment.

But, momentum can change quickly in sports....

And in fitness and health.

Momentum comes from action and unfortunately, inaction. So if you’re in a groove with consistent workouts, getting plenty of sleep and prepping your healthy meals, you’ve got momentum.

And if you picked up the habit of drinking nightly or snacking, you too have momentum.

Momentum can be a double-edged sword because it will keep going as long as the actions that cause it continue to happen.

In football, if things are not going the right way, you make adjustments. Maybe it’s a different play or a new defensive formation that will get executed better.

Next thing you know, momentum has changed.

Just remember that regardless of which way the momentum is going for you at the moment, you have the ability to either keep it going, or change it.

The choice is yours.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom

At Breakthrough Fitness, we help busy people across Oviedo become STRONGER. HEALTHIER.

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