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As a coach and hope dealer for the last 13 years, I’ve learned a lot about what drives results.

You don’t get results from fresh air and good intentions. You earn results by using the five tools of change, improving little by little until you are in a good place with all of them.


You keep your results by building a solid foundation on top of the four pillars of fitness. The four pillars are:

Support - A coach, a friend, a community of people who are in it together.

Consistency- You have to show up and do what’s necessary even when you don’t want to.

Effort - You showed up, so you might as well put forth your best effort.

Enjoyment - Embracing the feeling of accomplishment and personal achievement strength training and exercise delivers, along with a supportive team makes the process enjoyable.

Over the next five emails I’m going to discuss the five tools you have to use and have control over to feel, move and look better…and ideally live better.

Tool #1 - Nutrition and Caloric Restriction

Fat loss and changing the shape of the body are two very popular goals.

There’s a million diets out there and enough conflicting information out there to keep your head spinning for days.

For a better quality of life, the vast majority of us need to just eat reasonably. You would be in a very good place with nutrition if you:

  • Cut back on sugar - There has never been an argument for more sugar.
  • Heavily reduce or eliminate “Cardboard Carbs” - If it can sit in a box or bag on a shelf for years, it can find a nice home on your hips and ass for that long too.
  • Eat more vegetables - Every diet that exists agrees on more veggies.
  • Make protein and veggies the “stars” of the plate - 50-75% of the food on your plate should be made up of these.
  • Get rid of “Frankenstein Fats” - guys and gals in white lab coats mixing chemicals, solutions and hydrogenated stuff for human consumption.
  • Learn basic cooking skills like scrambling eggs, baking or grilling meat, boiling and simmering oatmeal, rice, beans and microwaving frozen vegetables.
  • Keep carbs and fats as fillers to the meal. If carbs go up, fat goes down and vice versa.
  • Keep carb/fat combos to a minimum - pizza(cheese/bread), ice cream(sugar/cream/milk), french fries(oil, potatoes).
  • Keep the stuff you have zero control around out of the house and hard to get to.

Now, since the researchers and the very smart people who study food and humans can’t seem to agree on all the information, it’s probably best we don’t worry about perfection.

The goal is to move to a “better place” with your nutrition. Once you are in this place, hang your cute crafts with catchy phrases, light your favorite scented candle and make it your new nutrition home.


If you need help getting your four pillars in place and would love to lose weight by moving your nutrition to a better place, our 8-Week Ageless Strength and Nutrition Program might be a great fit. Reply Ageless Strength and I’ll send you the details.


Keep moving,

Coach Dom

At Breakthrough Fitness, we help busy people across Oviedo become STRONGER. HEALTHIER.

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