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October 2018

You often here me talk about the Four Pillars of Fitness: Effort Support Consistency Enjoyment Everything we do at Breakthrough Fitness revolves around these pillars. We started using the MyZone Heart Rate Monitoring System two years ago, because I felt that it would enhance the four pillars. After two years in use, I feel that a heart rate monitor like MyZone, can definitely help you improve your fitness and health. Before I go further, I'll mention that I only have experience with MyZone heart monitors. Here is what I like about hear

Supersets Doing two exercises that work different muscles groups back to back. Compound super sets Doing two exercises back to back that work the same muscle groups. We will just refer to them both as supersets for the rest of this article. We are all limited on the time we can commit to fitness. Therefore, maximizing our time should be of utmost importance. Supersets or pairing movements together allow us to do more quality work in the same time period. If you are doing more work in the same amount of time, you'll be sweating

  Hey everybody, it's Monday, which means it's time for another Movement Monday. I'm Coach Dom, here with Coach Angelica, and we're going to show you how to do a one-arm dumbbell row today. It's an old-school exercise that's been around forever, but I think it's underrated and definitely one you should incorporate into your routine. You've probably seen this move done in the gym before (by you or someone else) and there are a bunch of different stances you can take, but I'm going to show you one that uses the bench

Effort A vigorous or determined attempt. The results from an attempt. Strenuous physical and mental exertion. Back in 2010, I attended a strength and conditioning clinic at the University of Florida. Head strength coach, Mick Marotti (now Ohio State;s head strength coach), was describing the culture of the weight room. He points at a banner on the wall that says, "there is no substitute for effort". Coach then provides us with the knowledge he has learned from 30 years on the job, trying to make athletes better. In 30 years he

Hey everybody, it's Coach Dom here with Movement Monday. Today, I'll be showing you a twist on a classic: the reverse lunge with a knee drive. We just put this movement into one of our conditioning workouts today. I really like this move as an effective, low-impact workout, but I also have a few progressions to keep you improving.   Reverse Lunge With Knee Drive: The Basics Start with a lunge back on your left leg. You can bend your knee as much or as little as you like here. If you have knee issues

Meal Planning System A lifestyle of eating well starts with eating a little better. The only way you can consistently eat better is by having a weekly system or plan. Once a system is in place, you just need to make a little time each week to plan and prepare. Having a meal planning system will force you to look at your calendar and coordinate meals accordingly. Here is a system I use and many of our members use as well. Feel free to implement this system as-is, but ultimately you have to

Hey everybody, it's Coach Dom here with your movement of the week. I'm here with Coach Julia and we're gonna demonstrate how to do the dead bug exercise. It doesn't look lot a complicated movement, but looks can be deceiving. Dead bugs are a great core exercise and one that has a place in just about everybody's workout rotation. As well as covering the basics, I'll show you a twist on the classic dead bug exercise that, I think, makes this even better.   Dead Bug Exercise Basics The classic dead bug is an uncomplicated