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November 2018

Someone has to say no, we are eating the chicken! There is at least one random night a week that I may not feel like cooking or the wife doesn't want what was planned. Since I'm the cook in the house, most of the burden for dinners falls on me. This is a good thing, because my wife is not a good cook. In our house, when she cooks, we pray after we eat! Let me paint a picture

Happy Monday, everybody. It's time for our movement of the week, but this week, I thought I'd do something a little different. Instead of showing you one move, I'll give you a series that you can do the next time you're at the gym. This series is a great way to warmup before a workout.   Movement #1: Stir the Pot You will need: A stability ball Put yourself into a plank, arms bent, with your elbows resting on the stability ball. Keeping your abs and glutes tight, move your arms (just your arms!) in

The initial holiday storm surge has struck and we survived. This week is about cleaning things up and finding normal again. Create some holiday boundaries for the rest of the year and stay within them. I'm feeling pretty festive this year, so instead of sharing this closer to Christmas, I thought we would kickoff the Christmas season now! Twas The Night Before Christmas (Fitness Edition) by Coach Dom Twas the night before Christmas, and all  through the gym, The equipment was dusty because no one came in. The weights they laid there so cold and

In a few days it's Thanksgiving. We will be celebrating life with family and friends. Normal rules like eating until we are 80% full are hogwash. I'll personally start my day off with a workout and then I'll be 100% full off mimosas and my world famous sausage and spinach bread by noon. Stuffed and bloated, I'll laugh and have good times with family, cooking and drinking until it's time for the main feast in the evening. On this one day I will blow all four tires and the spare!

The holidays can be hectic and in hectic times, exercise routines can crash. This usually starts with the holiday mindset. We convince ourselves that we are too busy for a full training session, so why bother? We miss one session, then another, and eventually it snowballs into a week, two weeks, and finally, "I'll just start back in January." Make a stance! This will not happen this year. Commit to doing your normal training, but if you can't, do this 15-minute workout instead. This workout isn't designed to torch fat or build

Which category do you fall in? All year I've been committed to structured, purposeful movement a few times a week, as well as being mindful of my food choices and habits. It hasn't always been smooth sailing, but I've kept my vessel on course. I've had good months and a few not so good months. My ship has taken in some water, but I'm still standing at the helm, pushing towards my destination. I hit rough seas about half way through the year, capsized and had to be towed back

Hey everybody, it's Dominic here, bringing you another Movement of the Week. This week, I'm going to be showing you a combination move: a squat with a reverse lunge. I love combo moves because if you're short on time (which one of us isn't?) you get a much bigger bang for your buck in a short amount of time. As long as you have a set of dumbbells, you can do this move anywhere.   Squat w/ Reverse Lunge: The Basics Start with your feet hip-width apart in your normal squat stance. Keep the dumbbells in