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December 2018

Show Me This is my personal motto for 2019. You want to get an article published - Show Me. You want to be healthier and happier - Show Me. You want to be a better spouse - Show Me. You want to be a stronger, more fit version of yourself - Show Me. You want to keep up with the grandchildren - Show Me. You want to be a better role model for your children - Show Me. Tonight we'll be making resolutions. Tomorrow we begin to demonstrate consistency on step one of whatever it is we want to

We're smack dab in the middle of the holidays, which means the cookies, fudge, wine, and candy keep on coming. You've got family visiting (or you're visiting them), so you aren't able to keep to your usual gym schedule. Unfortunately for you, this all means your fitness suffers. You don't want to avoid those delicious holiday treats (nor should you!) but to get a headstart on those New Year's resolutions and offset the extra calories, here's a quick workout circuit squeeze in some exercise.  I call it the "Christmas Cookie Incinerator Workout."

If you read any of my stuff, you are familiar with my complimentary closing “Keep moving”. It’s my way of saying, stay persistent. You have to keep moving mentally towards positive thoughts. You have to keep moving forward towards improvement in all areas of life. You have to keep physically moving your body with structured exercise. Your motivation towards fitness will have ups and downs. You have a spouse to love, children to enjoy and prepare for adulthood, as well as personal ambitions that require hard work and time. Through

Monday set the tone. Feeling good at the end of a Monday spills into Tuesday and the rest of the week. It's always going to be a better, more productive week when the tone is set early. Here is what I try to make happen on Mondays: Wake up with positive thoughts. Laugh immediately. Make my first meal of the day one that leaves me full of energy and feeling good. Accomplish a task or project as soon as possible. Engage in some kind of physical movement. Be gracious. For me,