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2019 Fitness Commandments – Thou Shalt Keep Moving

If you read any of my stuff, you are familiar with my complimentary closing “Keep moving”. It’s my way of saying, stay persistent. You have to keep moving mentally towards positive thoughts. You have to keep moving forward towards improvement in all areas of life. You have to keep physically moving your body with structured exercise.

Your motivation towards fitness will have ups and downs. You have a spouse to love, children to enjoy and prepare for adulthood, as well as personal ambitions that require hard work and time. Through it all, you cannot give up on the commitment of taking care of yourself:

  • Proper hygiene

  • Physical exercise

  • Good nutrition

  • Willingness to learn

One thing is for certain, life will get crazy at times. Life is similar to the game Whack-a-mole (Thanks Roger Greenwood for this one!). A mole will pop up, in Rogers case, a knee replacement. You must Whack the mole and move on because eventually another mole is going to pop up.

When an unexpected mole rears its ugly head, your commitment to fitness might move from the driver seat to the back seat. This is totally fine. The  3-5 hours a week you commit to fitness may only become 30 minutes twice a week. This is very acceptable. Putting your fitness in the trunk and driving it out in the woods to bury it six feet deep is unacceptable.

2019 Fitness Commandment # 1 – Thou Shalt Not Go Three Days Without Structured, Physical Movement

Use some method to track your training sessions and movement. If your journal shows you have not challenged your body and mind with physical movement two days in a row, you will make a vow to give your body the love it deserves.

Enjoy Christmas and the rest of the holiday season!

Keep moving,

Coach Dom