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January 2019

  We're doing a stability ball back extension. Everyone has one of these sitting around (probably deflated) in your closet, but this is the perfect time to bring it out. Stability balls are a great training tool; let's finally put that guy to good use.   Stability Ball Back Extension: The Basics Position yourself on your knees with the stability ball directly in front of you. Brace your feet with a couple of heavy dumbbells (so they won't move) and lift your knees slightly off the ground. Place your hands behind your head. Make

Hey, Coach Dom here for another Movement Monday! Like most Americans nowadays, you're probably pressed for time but still want to fit in a workout, because that's your New Year's resolution. That's where combo moves can swoop in and save the day. Today, we're breaking down a combo strength training move that'll work your entire body. You've heard of the Reverse Lunge, but this time, we're adding arm and core training to make this a full-body muscle builder.   How To Do It: Reverse Lunge Combo Grab a 5-lb. dumbbell with your left hand and

Four months ago you put your words into action by dedicating time each week for exercise. You also made the choice to give up drinking alcohol during the week and drastically cut back on processed foods. During this time you have watched the scale steadily decrease. You are now 20 lbs. lighter! But for the last month, you haven't dropped a pound. You've hit your first weight plateau. Weight plateaus are not setbacks or failure. They are opportunities for improvement. It's always easy when things go our way. Fortunately for us,

Hunger exists to keep us alive. But when it goes overboard or ignored entirely, your weight and health start to suffer.  Having a better awareness of hunger and fullness is an important life skill. When you honor your hunger, you'll notice it in the way you feel and perform. When you eat "just because," you'll feel that as well.  Mindful eating can help avoid these pitfalls and also help you appreciate your meals more. So how do you know that you aren't eating mindfully? Are you aware that you are eating even

Momentum is a powerful force. A new year brings excitement and drive. Let’s take advantage of this force by going about things with a “just a little better” approach.  Everything starts with a first step. It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning of a quest or have been on the path for some time. What is your current step one?  Create a list of 1-3 first steps that will get you “just a little better” this month.  My 3 things are: Limiting bread, pasta wheat products. My step one is limiting them