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March 2019

I was recently texting my friend about her plan to lose fat. During our conversation, I mentioned six things that immediately came to my mind for a fat loss plan. Better sleep Manage stress Portion control Sugar Alcohol Speed of eating Interested in putting these six factors into action?  Summer Shred starts 4/1. 

Your thoughts start to wonder as you drive home through the storm. The pouring rain, gusting wind and dark clouds make you think of a time not long ago when the sun rarely shined in your life. It was the time before you got on the highway to success. You remembered how you would "get away" with sweet and salty snacks that would comfort you and wash away your problems, frustrations, and inadequacies. Your nightly getaway soon became a consuming necessity. During your getaways clothes started fitting tighter, simple chores

Fat loss requires movement and every single bit of it matters Great job if you are consistently getting in a planned run or gym session a few times a week (EA). But how much are you moving around your workplace? walks with dog? household chores? carrying groceries? (NEAT) EA - Exercise Activity planned, physical workouts NEAT - Non - exercise activity thermogenesis daily-life movement There are FIVE components to our Metabolism  Metabolism - The total amount of energy required for everything we do. Basil metabolic rate (BMR) - 70% minimum level of energy we need