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3 Simple Steps That Will Help You Lose Extra Pounds Safely Once and for All!

STEP ONE: Flush false fat. Many women are allergic to wheat and may not know it. Wheat contains a protein called gluten, which is difficult to break down, absorb and integrate, all of which can trigger fatigue, depression, bloating and intestinal gas.  A simple way to find out if this is a problem is to steer clear of wheat products. It’s far easier these days than it sounds. For one week, try substituting breads made with rice, millet, quinoa, or soy and oat; crackers made with rice or potatoes; past made with rice, quinoa, or buckwheat.  All these delicious options can be found at your Whole Foods or the healthy aisle of your supermarket.

You may find with this one simple step, you can digest your food properly, rather than letting it sit in your belly causing havoc on your digestive system and waistline!
STEP TWO: Eat Fats. Most diets tell you to avoid fats. First off, stop dieting and eat good foods. That being said, I am talking about good healthy fats. Essential fats like Omega-3’s can help you feel full and reduce your appetite.  Fiber is also known to do this.
Let me explain the roles fat and fiber play in weight loss.
Fat provides more calories than protein and carbs, is used slowly for energy, and helps to maintain satiety for longer periods of time. You stay fuller, longer. Studies confirm that a moderate fat diet (25%-35%) is effective for losing weight.
Fiber is an integral part of weight loss. It increases bulk and helps reduce appetite, producing feelings of satiety. By slowing the release of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, fiber also helps keep energy levels consistent and high. Sufficient fiber helps support good colon function and helps to eliminate wastes that are released during weight loss.
You can get a combination of fats and fiber in nuts and seeds. Flaxseed packs a one-two punch providing both of these good things. Try to eat 30 grams of fiber a day.  Since fiber is self-regulating eating more won’t hurt you.
STEP THREE: Rev up your metabolism. It’s time to turn your body into a fat- burning furnace! The most effective way to increase your resting metabolic rate is by adding more muscle to your body.  You are not losing weight for the sake of it. You want to lose fat. This is why scales are not a good measure of progress.  Let’s say you lost 8lbs of fat, but put on 4 lbs of muscle. The scale only went down 4lbs, but since muscle is a lean, dense tissue it takes up less space than fat, so you will have changed the shape of your body. Muscle burns energy, where fat is just stored energy. For every pound of muscle you have you will burn, approximately 10-30 extra calories daily. Add this up over a week/month/year and you are burning tons of extra calories. Seek out a professional who designs exercise programs and learn how to safely and effectively incorporate weight training into your lifestyle. It will be the best investment you can make for long-term success.
It’s usually the smallest things that can lead to the biggest changes in your health for better or worse. I want to help you discover how the right small changes can work weight loss wonders for you.