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4 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Let’s get straight to the point. Losing weight requires a calorie deficit. Calories In vs. Calories Out (CICO) matters.

The 4 biggest reasons I’ve seen over the years holding people back are:

1. Weekend overeating

Calories still matter on the weekend. I know many people have a “cheat meal/day”. This can work on a fat loss plan, but you still have to understand how it affects your weekly calorie budget.

Food labels and restaurant menus aren’t totally accurate when it comes to nutritional facts. They aren’t even legally bound to provide accuracy. Dinner out on Friday and takeout lunch on Saturday can easily add hundreds if not thousands of additional calories.

2. Untracked alcohol

I had a couple of drinks….did you have two? Or did you have 5?

If you are a drinker, you know how easy a glass of wine can become a bottle. Your 100 calorie White Claws add up quick.

Also, we can easily lose sight of portion control and snacking when the buzz kicks in.

3. Underestimating food intake/calories

As I mentioned above, food labels and menus aren’t accurate. We also forget about the pat of butter on our toast or how we eye-balled the tablespoon of oil the recipe called for. How much cheese is the actual “sprinkle” on your salad or eggs? Let’s not forget about that big ole scoop of peanut butter or heavy pour of coffee creamer.

There is research that shows people actually underestimate their caloric intake by 50%!

4. Overestimated activity

I love to eat, just like most of my clients. BUT, you know the saying….YOU WILL NOT OUT-TRAIN A POOR DIET.

Exercise for a lot of people isn’t about the feeling of accomplishment and happy endorphins. It’s about calories burned. You rely on your watch or some other technology that tells you that you’ve burned an insane amount of calories per day. These monitors and devices have been shown to overestimate calories burned by 30-90%!

So, as an example, your device is saying 1,000 cals, but that could be 700 or less.

If you are serious about fat loss, the best thing I think you can do, is track and weigh everything you eat for the next two weeks. This will be an eye-opening experience and will change the way you eat. Also weigh yourself every day at the same time, under the same conditions. Keep track of your average weekly weight and your average weekly calorie intake. You’ll get a good idea of what’s really going on by doing this.

This isn’t something you have to do forever, but it’s a great way to create awareness. And awareness is step one.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom