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Breakthrough Fitness


It’s really easy to get overwhelmed with fitness and living a healthier lifestyle. The amount of information and misinformation at your fingertips is endless. I’m sure you’ve read up on calorie burn, strength training and HIIT training. There’s a good chance you read something on Keto and how carbs are the devil. You’ve been told you need more protein and that intermittent fasting could work along with everything else mysteriously popping up in your Facebook feed minutes after words leave your mouth.

Look, all of these things have merit, but none of them will keep you committed to your goals.

The driving force behind staying committed is the feeling of Accomplishment. It’s the most important aspect of fitness that no one ever mentions.

The daily victories of portion control, reducing alcohol, walking more often and doing a little strength training…

The accomplishment of turning off the alarm and putting workout clothes on. Now the big decision – do I get off the edge of this bed or listen to my own voice listing the reasons why I shouldn’t?

The HUGE win at the edge of the bed reveals the path, which forks into many choices – private personal training facility, garage or home workout room, big box gym , running trail, yoga studio…

An hour later you’re alert and energized ready to take on the day.

“Worked out” is now checked off the list!

This early victory leads to a healthy breakfast and a positive vibes. You’ll forget that the workout took place by noon, but the small glorious victories that made it happen will have a powerful impact on your entire day.

Accomplishment is the most powerful weapon you have in your quest for a happier, healthier life.

Make it a great week!

Keep moving,

Coach Dom