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Are You A Member Of The Plate Cleaning Club? Try This Tip

Are you part of this prestigious group? Are you a plate cleaning master, cleaning your plate, your spouses plate and your kids plates like me?

Welcome to the club!

Eating until 80% full is what we call an Anchor Habit here at Breakthrough Fitness. The other anchor habit is eating slowly. Sounds easy, but leaving yourself satisfied and not completely full takes practice. It’s hard because eating more than we really need has been ingrained in us since childhood.

There are starving kids all around the world, finish your dinner!

Sound familiar?

Here is how I have tackled this issue……

  • I take a smaller portion for myself.
  • I still may clean my families plates, but due to my smaller portion I’m not overeating.

If you are only cleaning your plate and you feel you are eating past 80% full, try this:

  • Use a smaller plate

Simple right?

It should be, but we want it to be harder than it has to be for some reason.

The takeaway

  • Focusing on portion control will lead to better results than worrying about creating the perfect meal
  • Learn what 80% full feels like
    • We eat multiple meals a day, so you have plenty of time to practice
    • Satisfied not stuffed
  • Slowing down is important
    • Put your utensil down between bites and do not pick it up until the food has been swallowed.
    • As you work on slowing down, force yourself to eat less by using a smaller plate.
      • Don’t buck the system by double-stacking.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom