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Be The Boss

On the weekends, it’s rare that I don’t have music playing. Growing up, my parents exposed me to all genres of music and I’ll do the same with my kids. Right now they’re getting a healthy dose of Rock, Pop and R&B from all decades. Someday when I’m not concerned with exposing them to explicit lyrics, they’ll get the full arsenal of 90’s Gansta Rap and Hip Hop from the 2000’s.

In the meantime, it’s family friendly like the Michael Jackson Essentials playlist on Apple Music. We jammed to hit after hit – Billy Jean, Beat it, PYT, The Way You Make Me Feel…

And then Man in the Mirror came on and made me think about today’s email…

YOU are the BOSS of your life. The CEO.

Let that sink in …

By my own unscientific estimate, about 99% of the problems we have in our life come from one person … the one we see in the mirror.

YOU are the CEO of your life in every area. For better or worse, you are the technician, the manager, the accountant, the VP, the CFO, and ultimately the CEO of everything.

YOU are the CEO of your eating. You — and you alone — are responsible for the things you eat and put into your body (and your children).

YOU are the CEO of your fitness. You — and you alone — decide to work out or not, to skip the training session or attend it. You decide to give today’s 100% or go through the motions.

YOU are the CEO of your bank account. You — and you alone — control your financial status. You control how much money you make, save, and spend daily.

YOU are the CEO of your attitude. You — and you alone — decide to wake up in a good mood each day (or not). You decide to take things in stride (or get sidetracked by them). You decide to see the glass as half-full or half-empty.

YOU are the CEO of every situation, problem, and event you encounter in this life. You can’t control what happens to you, but you are 100% in control of your thoughts about those situations and how you react to them.

YOU are the boss. You are in complete control of your life. And thus, you are 100% responsible for the outcomes you’ve received up until this point.

Are you happy with them? Great … keep doing you!

If you’re not, it’s time to take ownership and start working on happiness.

Now is a perfect time to start.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom