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Crunched For Time During Your Workouts? Add This Combo Move To Your Program

We are closing in on the end of January 2020! Like most people you’re probably pressed for time. “Not enough time” is always a top reason for not strengthening and conditioning your body. 

That’s where combo moves can swoop in and save the day!

Today, we’re breaking down a combination strength training move that’ll work your entire body.

How To Do It: Reverse Lunge/Press/Windmill Combo

  • Grab a dumbbell (go lighter than you think) with your left hand and hold it at your shoulder. Step back into a reverse lunge with your right leg, letting your knee rest on the floor.
  • Press the dumbbell straight up over your shoulder.
  • Then bend at the waist to bring your right hand down to the floor (In-line with your heel of your front  foot is a good place. 
  • Keep the dumbbell pointed up at the ceiling while you’re doing this (I like to look at the weight).
  • When your hand is on the ground, you should be able to draw an imaginary straight line from that hand to the dumbbell overhead.
  • Choose anywhere between 3-10 per side.
  • Keep the weight light and learn the movement.
  • The legs can handle far more weight and volume than the press and windmill.
  • If you want to hit the legs harder, do as many good reps of the combo as you can. Once you know your form will breakdown, hold the weight at your side and continue to just do the reverse lunge (don’t rest knee on ground).

Muscles Worked

  • The Reverse Lunge will work the entire lower body – thighs, glutes, hamstrings and calves.
  • The Arm Press focuses on your upper body: shoulders, triceps, and upper back.
  • Finally, the Windmill portion of the move will work your obliques – the very important side walls of your abdomen.

Try It Out

Can’t get to the gym? No problem!  Do a few of these whenever you can fit them in. Maybe during your lunch break or while watching TV in the evening.

For 2020, don’t let “I don’t have enough time” be a reason that you don’t work on your health and fitness. If it’s important to you, find a way to “make time”.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom

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