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Eat These Foods Everyday

I spent the last four days down in south Florida fishing and catching up with old friends. I drank too much and ate too much. We pulled back in town at 1pm on Sunday with laundry to do and a week to prepare for. My brain is telling me the easiest solution for dinner would be takeout. Takeout would continue the madness of high calorie meals. I need to stop the bleeding…..

Food that makes me feel good

I like my nutrition to revolve around these foods each week:

  • broccoli
  • asparagus
  • mushrooms
  • rice
  • avocado
  • eggs
  • oatmeal
  • fruit – the type of fruit varies, but right now it’s berries, banana, apples and watermelon.
  • meat – chicken, pork, fish, beef.
  • beans

These items build the foundation for my meals each week

  • None of these foods leave me feeling bloated and uncomfortable.
  • It’s hard for me to overeat these foods (even if I do, I don’t feel bad).
  • I feel mentally sharp and energized from these foods.

From here I come up with a meal plan. That might be eggs with a piece of rye toast or chicken with potatoes. There are plenty of other foods in my diet, but I never have a bad week of nutrition when I start with my Big Ten. 

I rarely make casseroles, cream sauces and recipes that pasta is the star, so I don’t worry about calories. I focus on two things:

  • Eating slowly and mindfully
  • Portions

Give this approach to nutrition a try. Create a list of 10 whole foods (minimally processed) that you enjoy and leave you feeling good.

  • be aware of your oils and butter when cooking.
  • focus on portion sizes and eating slowly.
  • pay attention to what you are eating when you aren’t sitting down for a meal.
  • ask yourself, how can I make this meal better?

Keep moving,

Coach Dom