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Breakthrough Fitness

Exercise Of The Week – Stir The Pot

Stir the pot

What you need

  • Stability ball

How it’s done

  • Place forearms on the ball.
  • Feet should be wide for balance.
  • Upper back should be pushed away from the ball and heels pushed towards the ground (they don’t have to get to the ground. This just locks the body in place.
  • Abs should be braced tight – on a scale of 1-10 flex your ab muscles around a 5.
  • Tighten up your glutes (booty).
  • Slowly make small circle with just the arms (stirring a pot).
  • Nothing should move except the arms!
  • Do a prescribed amount of circles each direction or go for a set amount of time.

Are these for you?

  • Can you hold a solid plank position for longer than a minute without feeling it in your lower back?
  • If yes, then go ahead and give these a try.

What’s it do?

  • Strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and lower back.
  • Helps create a strong body that will reduce the chance of injury.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom

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