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Breakthrough Fitness


Most people do too much.

Their lives are cluttered with unnecessary activities, busywork and an array of ‘crap’ that prevents them from doing what is important.

They waste their most valuable commodity – time – responding to false urgency while ignoring the truly important.

‘Super busy’ does not mean effective.

When it comes to transforming your body and health, Focus wins over Activity every time.

The people who are successful at being fit and healthy for the long term, narrow their focus and spend their time on the small things that matter.

If you want to be happier and healthier, the key is to be better at fewer things … not mediocre at many.

You have to be effective … not just busy.

Take some time this weekend and narrow your focus on the handful of things that really matter and get really good at those. You’ll be surprised by how many things that used to take up so much time weren’t nearly as important as you thought they were.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom