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Breakthrough Fitness

Fountain of Youth

Strength training is quality of life insurance.

Every aspect of fitness improves with strength. Mobility and joint health improves when you perform the basic fundamental movements you were born to do – squat, bend, push, pull and carry things. Your balance and ability to stabilize and resist injury gets better with strength. Your ability to stand upright with good posture and handle your daily activities improves with strength.

“Coach, isn’t weightlifting dangerous? I don’t want to get injured.”

Being weak is dangerous and the culprit for most injuries. Lifting weights with proper form and the appropriate intensity for your abilities is very safe.

“But coach, I don’t want to get bulky.”

The easiest way to a bulky physique is the combination of a sedentary lifestyle, poor sleep, high stress and the consumption of too much energy (calories).

If you DO NOT want to build big, thick muscles you won’t. Big, thick muscles require lots of intense training, large quantities of food and a burning desire to do so.

“I just want to lose weight, so why do I need strength training?”

Lean mass (muscle) and activity play a huge role in how our body digests, absorbs and utilizes nutrients. Simply put, muscle and movement are necessary for losing fat, but more importantly keeping it off for good. Also, strength is one of the most important indicators of health and longevity as we age. This makes resistance training a crucial part of your fitness portfolio.

Strength training is the Fountain of Youth. The magic elixir that flows from the fountain is invigorating. You can build a robust body by visiting the fountain a few times a week. A little goes a long way.

Strength training is an investment that pays extraordinary dividends. It’s never too late to start investing in yourself. Commit a few hours a week, hire a coach and enjoy the vitality and vigor that comes from your dedication.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom