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Friday Reset #2 – Simple Movements For A Better Life

Alright, Alright it’s Friday!

This weeks Reset is Cross-crawls. We want to perform movements that involve the left and right sides working together, while doing the opposite. Movements like crawling, running, skipping and walking are examples. For instance, when you walk, your left leg moves forward and your right arm swings back.

Cross crawls are a midline crossing movement where you take the opposite hand or elbow and touch it to the opposite knee. These can be done sitting, standing or lying down.

Don’t worry about the simplicity of these movements, just do them! As we progress through our Reset Series, we’ll connect the movements together creating a nice 5-15 minute flow.

Cross Crawl Demo

Reset #2 Lesson

  • Do 10 cross crawls each side nice and controlled. If you can’t bring your knee and elbow together, bring your knee and hand together.
  • Start with the one you can do. The progression would be sitting – lying – standing.
  • Feel free to do 10 each of all three progressions everyday.
  • Finish with 5 minutes of deep belly breathing {Breathing Demo Reset #1 if you missed last weeks email}

Keep moving,

Coach Dom