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Friday Reset #3 – Simple Movements For A Better Life

Happy Friday!

This weeks Reset is neck nods. We are designed to hold our head up high. We want good strength in our neck extensors and flexors.

Poor posture, loss of balance and decreased coordination occurs when we lose full and reflexive control of our head and neck. We don’t want to have to think about keeping our head in it’s natural position. We want a strong, natural posture to just happen automatically. Neck nods help with that.

You can do Neck Nods on your forearms, hands or lying down. The video demonstrates all three!

A couple of points:

  • Place you tongue against the back of your top teeth and on the roof of your mouth the whole time.
  • Look down at the floor and tuck your chin to your chest.
  • Look up at the ceiling with your eyes first and try to get your face parallel with the ceiling (won’t happen, but something to shoot for).
  • Go back and forth looking up and down.
  • Pay attention to your belly breathing.

Neck Nods

Don’t worry about the simplicity of these movements, just do them! As we progress through our Reset Series, we’ll connect the movements together creating a nice 5-15 minute flow.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom