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Friday Reset – Movement For A Better Quality Of Life (15-Minute Dumbbell Flow)

Workouts don’t have to be a specific length of time or burn a certain number of calories. The real goal of committing to weekly strength training and movement for the rest of our adult lives is to live a robust, high quality life.

A little, often, over the long haul.

I put together this dumbbell sequence for anyone that wants to get in a little quality work with minimal equipment (dumbbells) and time (15 minutes).

The dumbbell flow covers these basic human movements:

✅ Squat

✅ Bend (hinge)

✅ Push

✅ Pull

It also does a few other things I think workouts should be built around:

✅ Standing

✅ Full body

✅ Mastery – These movements are the foundation for all other strength training movements. Practice, practice, practice.

Grab a set of dumbbells. If you have an assortment, start light.

The moves

➡️ Bent over row – Hinge forward to bend down as opposed to folding over at your waist.

➡️ Straight leg deadlifts – knees are softly bent. Hinge slowly by pushing the hip back. Keep the shoulders back. You should feel a stretch in the back of the legs and glutes (butt).

➡️ Squat – you’ll curl the weights to the shoulders. Starting the movements in the hips, sink your upper body down into your lower body. Don’t let the upper body fold forward.

➡️ Press – As you come up out of the squat, I want you to press the weights overhead. Lower the weights back down to an hanging position in front of your thighs.

How to “ladder” the repetitions (watch video)

➡️ Do one of each move- Bent row, Straight leg deadlift, curl weights to shoulders, squat and press.

➡️ Then do two of each move, followed by 3,4,5….

See how high you can go without stopping. START LIGHT! The repetitions add up quickly. Once you need a break, take it. Then get back to work.

Set a clock for 15 minutes and just move. Don’t rush. Try to make each rep perfect. This requires that you clear your head for 15 minutes and focus on your body. Keep your brain out of it. Let the movement happen.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom