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Breakthrough Fitness

Get Your Fitness Groove Back

Navy Seal training is well documented. We’ve all heard about the intensity both physically and mentally it is for candidates. The majority of the candidates that enter seal training end up quitting.
For them to quit, they have to ring a brass bell located in the middle of the compound, signaling to all that they have quit.
  • The last seven weeks has been a very difficult time for many of us.
  • People have lost their jobs or have taken drastic pay cuts.
  • Many people have an increased workload (which is being done at home) on top of homeschooling and managing life as always.
  • It’s possible you are drinking and eating more due to stress.
  • Anxiety and stress may also be affecting sleep.
Regardless of the situation your fitness and health are still a priority.
You may not be training as frequently as you like or eating as healthy as you like, but YOU WILL NOT RING THAT BELL!
If you’ve been struggling to stay consistent or have put your fitness on the back burner, here is a simple method of planning that will help you get back on track.

“Plan sometime to plan” your top 3 commitments

#1 Create “Book Ends”
  • Book End – When will you wake up and when you will go to bed.
  • Book End – When your workday starts and ends.
#2 Morning routine
  • Movement
  • Mindset
  • Nourishment
Figure out how to move a little first thing in the morning (I’m talking 5-10 minutes). Give yourself a few minutes to get your mind right and eat something healthy.
#3 Standing commitments
  • Work meetings
  • Sales calls
  • Appointments
  • Clients
Now Identify sources of “clutter”
  • Social media – usually a BIG one
  • Text and email
  • False beliefs
  • Doing stuff that doesn’t add value to your life.
Start doing this today and take back your fitness!

Ringing the bell is NOT AN OPTION!

Keep moving,
Coach Dom
PS – Here are two ways we can help you with your fitness if you are interested…

One-on-one virtual personal training

  • a program based around your goals that you can do comfortably in your home with the resources you have available.
  • personal instruction and coaching done virtually.
  • nutrition guidance and accountability.

Group virtual personal training

  • join our intentional community and participate in live virtual training sessions.
  • work along with your coach who will be providing instruction on form, progressions and modifications during the entire session.
  • recorded sessions available for you to do at your convenience.