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How Hungry Are We Really? Play This Game And Find Out

Do you know what movie this is from? If you answered yes, that means you are probably a distinguished middle-aged person like myself. This also means you have been developing eating habits (good and bad) for the last 40+ years.

One of those habits is eating because we are hungry. But how hungry are we really?

The Hunger Game

Let’s play the Hunger Game. On a scale of 1-10 we will rate our hunger.

1 = No hunger at all

10 = I’m so hungry I can eat the ass end out of a dead rhino (thank Gary Busy for this quote from the movie Point Break)

Before you eat, stop and rank your hunger using this scale

  • If you are a 7 or above, eat something.
  • If you are not there yet, don’t eat.

Your feeling of hunger may NOT be physical hunger. It could be boredom, stress or being tired.

If you were a 7 or above, eat slowly and take a break between bites (put your fork down)

  • When you get down to a 3ish stop eating. This would be roughly 80% full. “Roughly” works just fine.
  • Notice how you feel and your thoughts – you might be thinking I’m 80% full, but there is still food on my plate. I don’t want to waste food.

Now you have an idea what 80% full looks and feels like to you

  • What was an 80% full portion size?
  • What food helps you feel full longer?
  • How fast or slow did you eat?
  • Were you alone? at your desk?

Come up with some questions of your own. This isn’t a one meal game. Every meal start being mindful and in the moment during your meal. There will definitely be meals when you don’t. That’s okay. Just move on and do it during the next meal.

Tip – Whole foods that are found in nature – vegetables, fruits, animal proteins, beans and whole grains will promote fullness faster and for longer.

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Keep moving,

Coach Dom

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