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How To Start Working Out Again

It’s always hard to start a new habit.

Learn how to start working out again and get back in the game.


Getting back into the gym after a long time off can be frustrating. Just looking in the mirror and realizing your body isn’t what it used to be can be enough to intimidate you into just staying home.

(And if you’re like most people, Covid probably kept you in your sweats and on the couch for the last year.)

At Breakthrough Fitness, we’re not as interested in why you stopped as much as why you’re starting up again. And we’re excited for you! That’s why we put together this 5-step guide on how to start working out again, whatever your obstacles are.

How To Start Working Out Again

1. Set Your Goals

We all have different goals when it comes to fitness, whether it’s losing fat, gaining muscle, getting stronger, improving your cardio, or joint flexibility.

A long hiatus from the gym is a great chance to set some goals for yourself. Create a workout routine along with a training schedule that will hold you accountable. While working out takes time, the programs offered at Breakthrough Fitness take your lifestyle into consideration with the aim of total body wellness.

Whatever your goal is, remember that consistency and steady progress will get you there. Not giving it your all for a week and calling it quits after you don’t see the number on the scale move in your favor.

It's normal to feel gym anxiety after a bit of a hiatus.

2. Tackle Gym Anxiety

I want to address something right away, something that keeps a lot of us from returning to the gym (or even starting in the first place). Gym anxiety. That feeling of self-consciousness at the mere thought of walking into the gym, where your confidence plummets from the possibility of being judged.

If you want to discourage yourself from ever working out again, comparing your body, your performance, or your diet to other people is the best way to do it.

The way I see it, you are your only competition. Focus on doing better than you did yesterday and forget about the rest. That’s what everyone else is doing. (That’s right, they’re not actually paying attention to you!)

And hey, if you really can’t ignore all those imaginary eyes watching your every move, start off with an at-home workout routine to boost your confidence, then kick it up a notch at the gym.

Anything is better than nothing. If it's been a while, start out slow.

3. Take It Slow

Before you take that scoop of pre-workout protein powder and run in guns blazing, recognize that your body is not what it used to be.

If you haven’t been benching 220 lbs for the last year, don’t expect to do it now. There’s an old saying that goes, “by the yard, it’s hard. But inch by inch, anything’s a cinch.”

Start slow and build your work capacity gradually to allow your muscles to get accustomed to their new workload. Focus on regaining your cardio and basic strength levels.

If you listen to your body, it will tell you where you need to be.


4. Have Fun

If the very thought of doing something fills you with dread, you’re not going to do it (not for very long, at least). And that includes working out! (If you hate CrossFit, don’t bully yourself into going just because your co-worker says it changed his life.)

Find ways to make your workouts fun. Maybe you’re jazzed by a new gym playlist blasting in your ear buds. Or perhaps you love hitting small milestones.

Personally, I love a good group coaching session, like those we offer at Breakthrough Fitness. It’s a great way to find like-minded people who will motivate, encourage, and inspire you.

5. Ask For Help

If it’s been a few years and you still haven’t figured out how to start working out again, you may need a helping hand.

That’s where a good gym buddy can step in with the right kind of motivation. After all, if you have someone waiting for you at the gym, you’re much more likely to show up and do the work.

At Breakthrough Fitness, we highly recommend that you get a good personal trainer to kick off any wellness journey. A professional can not only help you reach your goals, they can figure out why you stopped in the first place and come up with a plan to keep you on track.


Ready to Start Working Out Again?

Making the decision to start working out again and honoring your body is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Just don’t beat yourself up for “taking so long.”

Be kind to yourself on this journey back into the gym. Trust the process, celebrate your progress, and forgive yourself when things go wrong.

If you can’t figure out how to start working out again (and you live in the Central Florida area), we’d love to help you out!

The coaches, staff, and gym members at Breakthrough Fitness are dedicated to providing a friendly, atmosphere designed to get results. Bored by traditional workouts? So were we! That’s why we put so much emphasis on a community approach to fitness. Whether you’re doing your own personalized program or one of our group sessions, you’re always part of a team.

Stop by today for a tour and free Strategy Session to learn more.