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Improve Sleep For Fat Loss And Vitality

Most of us need a little time in the morning to “get the motor running”.

The same is true in reverse: Most of us can’t go from 100 to 0 before bed.

Developing a “transition plan” or “sleep ritual” can really help.

Sleep hygiene best practices

Keep a regular schedule – our bodies like routine. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same times. With a regular schedule your body will know when to release calming hormones before bed and stimulating hormones when you wake up.

Keep alcohol and caffeine moderate – both mess with sleep.

Caffeine 8-9 hours out and alcohol at least an hour out.

Eat and drink appropriately- a regular balanced meal 2-3 hours before bed will help facilitate sleep. Don’t drink too much liquids to eliminate extra bathroom breaks.

Brain dump- take a few minutes to write out a list of whatever is bugging you.

Turn off electronics – Blue light all day and then at night prevents the brain from preparing for sleep. Phones, televisions, computers…..Check out Swanies or blue light glasses).

Stretch/read/ de-stress – maybe some yoga poses, reading or meditation.

Shoot for 7 hours- work backwards here. Up at 430 to get to gym? Hit the pillow by 930.

Exercise regularly- physical movement can promote restful sleep. Outdoors is great! Go for an evening walk!

Take a bath/shower – a warm Epson salt bath or cool shower (your preference) can help promote restful sleep.

Keep the room dark – curtains and shades. Wear a sleep mask.

Stress-free/clutter-free room

Keep it cool – 60-68 appears to work best at night.

Use sound machine for white noise or a soothing sound. Turn on a fan or humidifier.

More sunlight and fresh air during the day can promote restful sleep at night.

Pick something from this list and get to work. Keep working at it every night. Improvement takes time. How long?……as long as it takes.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom