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Improve The First 15 Minutes Of Your Workout For Better Results

Yippiddy Do!  Coach Dom is talking about warm-ups again! Yes, yes I am. If you have sixty minutes set aside for a session, the first quarter is critical. You should be firing on all pistons during the second and third quarter and then you’ll taper off in the fourth. Let’s lose the term warm up and just call it the beginning.

Try to quite all the thoughts running through your head as you begin your workout. In 60 minutes you’ll be out the door dealing with everything else life is bringing at you. This takes practice and every workout will be different.

Improve at “checking it all at the door” and your training will produce better results

Here was 20 year old Dom’s version of a warm up:

  • Arrive at Physiques Unlimited.
  • Hang my keys and say hi to Big O (Orlando the owner of Physiques). We called it physiques. Like, “what time you hitting up physiques tomorrow? Cool, me too. You want to work chest? But of course, it’s Monday!
  • A few arm swings and a couple bends in different directions, followed by a couple light sets of whatever I was doing first. Chest day meant getting under the barbell and just pressing the bar a bunch of times, followed by another set with a 45lb plate on each side for a bunch more.
  • Then I would proceed to blast whatever body part I was working. If it was back (my favorite), I would be following Dorian Yates back program, because I wanted a big ol back and this is what the magazine said Mr. Olympia was doing.

At twenty years old, I didn’t have a family to care for and business to operate. Life was pretty stress free.  I was focused on my session during the drive to the gym. There wasn’t an issue with lack of sleep or when I was going to eat my meals and drink my mass builder shakes. Everything revolved around getting swol.

Forties Dom warms up a little differently:

  • Ten minutes of various movements. I make sure to cover all three planes of motion – bending forwards and backwards (flexion and extension), bending or moving side to side (laterally), rotating/twisting. Every session involves these fundamental movement patterns (some more than others, depending on what I plan to emphasize that day):
    • Squat
    • Bending
    • Lunging
    • Pulling
    • Pushing
    • Carry
  • I’ve gotten up and down off the ground a few times. One of the most important physical life skills we should try and keep around. How you get off the ground is a good indicator of your physical well-being.
  • I’m sweating a little. If I were my friend Pete aka “Peter the Excretor”, I would be sweating profusely because I was already perspiring from the forty yard walk from car to gym entrance.
  • I’ve just moved my body in all directions, so I know what areas feel good and what doesn’t. Old Dom lets the body dictate the workout.

Things Have Changed – Your training and lifestyle should have too

  • Old Dom has young kids who are determined to not let their parents sleep through the night.
  • Old Dom has to look at his calendar and plan what days he’s train.
  • Old Dom has twenty-two years of extra wear and tear along with injuries from when he was a teenager that like to remind him that he’s a middle-aged dad and not a twenty year old dude.
  • Old Dom has a specific amount of time he can dedicate to structured exercise.

It all comes down to maximizing your time. The sooner we can get the body feeling really engaged, the better the intensity and quality of the workout will be. Remember that what you had planned can change. You may have had your mind set on legs, but when you woke up this morning your lower back seemed a bit tight. After a good warm up it still didn’t feel right. It would be wise to target the upper body and give the legs and lower back another days rest.

Get your mind clear as soon as you can and get after your training session with a good first quarter.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom