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Increase Appetite Awareness For Fat Loss And Better Health

Hunger exists to keep us alive. Therefore, having a  better understanding of the feeling of hunger and fullness is an important life skill.
  • Are you aware that you are eating even though you aren’t hungry?
  • Are you avoiding eating when you are hungry?
  • Are you mindlessly snacking at work?
  • Are you skipping meals and eating super low calorie?
Since there is only a tremendous upside to having better appetite awareness and zero downside, let’s make it a priority to improve.
One choice is to focus on the behavior of eating too fast. Slowing down and eating mindfully is what the sports world would refer to as  a “game changer”. This is a great place to start for fat loss and overall health.

Three ideas that can help you eat slower and more mindful

Eating with less distractions

  • No phones, books or magazines at the table.
  • You actually eat at the table and not in front of the TV.
  • Get away from your desk/work and just enjoy your lunch and the break it is supposed to be.

If this is something you can change, pick a meal and start chipping away at being more mindful.

Doing something between bites

  • Put down the fork. Also, if during your cultural upbringing, you learned how to use a piece of bread as an additional eating utensil, put that down as well.
  • Take a sip of water between bites.
  • Spark a conversation with your family.

Pace yourself with the slowest eater

  • If you are at a lunch meeting with a few people, keep pace with the person eating the slowest.  Recently, I asked my six year old daughter, who sits next to me at dinner, to tell me when I am eating too fast. Having a squealing six year old say, “you are eating too fast daddy” every few bites is a great reminder that I am eating too fast.

What affects your eating speed – Who, What, When, Where

  • Do you tend eat faster or not pay attention to what you eat during Book Club night aka Wine Club night?
    • Who – friends
    • Where – comfort of someones house or your own house, where you are the hostess with the mostess.
    • When – relaxing evening, the wine is flowing…
    • What – A spread of food set out for easy and fast consumption – finger foods, small bites, no utensils needed.
  • During the drive to work, you polish off an egg souffle aka fat bomb from Panera in five bites. That’s a quick blast of 520 calories and 35 grams of fat. Your gut starts gurgling because it’s in crisis mode trying to properly handle these five, roughly chewed, blobs of food that just came speeding rapidly down your throat hole.
    • What- a easily to handle all-in-one type item that is easy to devour.
    • When – In the car.
    • Where – on your way to work.
    • Who – alone.
I just laid out four choices for eating slower and more mindfully. Which one do you think you could have the most success with right now?
Start working on improving appetite awareness with your next meal. There is no need to wait until Monday, after the Super Bowl or little Johnny’s birthday party. Start on the he next meal and every meal thereafter. Just get a little better.
Keep moving,
Coach Dom