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Breakthrough Fitness


I often arrive at the gym mid-morning after I take care of daddy duties. When I’m not the coach on the floor, I like to go around and talk to the members as well as provide additional coaching. The other day I walked up to a client doing squats and said, “How’s it going?” Red faced, sweating and breathing heavy she replied, “You know, just squatting and smiling.”

Success is an inside job. You won’t achieve your strength and fat loss goals until you fix your mindset. Your attitude is the driving force behind your effort and belief. Pushing yourself to new physical limits is hard. Trying to swap bad habits for good habits is hard. A positive attitude is the catalyst to extraordinary results.

I’ve seen many people on the verge of making real change right before they quit. They all had one thing in common – A negative attitude.

We focus on eating the right foods, sleeping more, drinking water and doing the work, but we forget that it is all driven by our outlook. Our attitude is a personal choice we have to make each day. Focus on the daily actions and detach yourself from the outcomes. This takes lots of practice.

So next time you make a bad food choice laugh it off and make only good choices over the next few days. If you fell down yesterday, stand up today. When the coach tells you to go heavier or deeper on your squats, don’t get a bad attitude. Simply walk over to the rack, grab the heavier weight and start squatting and smiling.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom