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Breakthrough Fitness

Is Your Fitness Off And On Or Up And Down?

Circa 2005, I needed to get out of bartending. I was in and out of the fitness industry over the past five years. I did a little stint at a World’s gym, had an opportunity at a country club that could have been a good personal training gig, but I wasn’t willing at the time to “put in the time”. No doubt the easy, cash-money I was making bartending had something to do with that.

My need to move on and be challenged led to my buddy Mike who was in residential mortgages introduced me to Diane, a realtor who was slinging houses big time in the area (I’m living in Pompano Beach at this time). In a few months, I went through the exam, paid the fees and became a licensed realtor. I have a strong memory of a lot of fees.

During this time the real estate market is booming, Diane gave me a couple handout deals, I helped a couple of friends buy houses and I was making progress and a little money. I can remember asking Diane what I should do? She would say in her high New York pitch, “What do you mean… just go get business!”

I could have used a little more direction, but now that I run my own business, Diane’s voice is always in my head saying, “just go get business!” From Diane, I learned the importance of hustle and if you want to stay in business, new business is important.

Fast forward a few months and Diane opens a discount brokerage real estate office. This is great, I’m one of three agents at the ground floor. The downside was it was in Lake Worth aka Lake Worthless.

I decided to go all in. No more bartending and I bought a townhouse in Lake Worth. The townhouse I bought a few years earlier has increased in value so much, I hopped on the real estate boom roller coaster.

It all felt forced. I didn’t like where I lived. I didn’t like the relationship I was in. I didn’t like my job. And I didn’t know it then, but I became depressed. I was the heaviest I’ve been and I realized I haven’t lifted weights and exercised in a year.

I went and signed up at a commercial gym. I was back to lifting and moving. I got back to the one constant in my life the past fourteen years. Soon I was feeling better mentally, physically and confident enough to make some tough decisions.

The girl went and the house went up for sale (I was fortunate it sold because the winds of the real estate crash were at my door) and I was done selling real estate.

I was nervous and anxious, but my thoughts were positive, I felt good physically and I had confidence and the willingness to “put in the time”.

I made a commitment that my fitness would never be OFF again. It will always be On with the flexibility to go Up and Down as needed.

You’re on a ride through life, so you might as well do things that improve the ride. Strength training and heart-pumping exercise are great passengers. Start with untying them, taking the duct tape off their mouths and removing them from the trunk of the car. Give them a chance. Let them ride in the backseat, get to know them. Get comfortable letting them backseat drive occasionally. When it feels right, let them ride shotgun. You’ll move them often. The important part is not where they are sitting, but to enjoy their companionship on the ride.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom