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Breakthrough Fitness

Lessons That Keep Showing Up

As we settle into the new year, a few lessons/truths keep showing up over and over again in my thoughts.

These aren’t just lessons for fitness and health, but all areas of life.

Be willing to invest in yourself. It can be coaching, Masterclass seminars or simply just books. A book allows us to get information on any topic we want for $10-$20.

Not everything is a good fit for you. You need to find what works for you. If you are looking for a personal training facility or gym, start with the feeling of comfort. You’ll know the right fit once you find it.

What you put out, you get back. If you’re grouchy, those around you will be more grouchy. If you’re happy, you’ll get more ‘happy’ in return.

There is no one coming to rescue you. Your health and fitness is in your hands. Sure, we’re here to help. There are others in your life who can help as well. But you have to help you.

Your mindset matters more than your tactics. If you are determined to improve your health and fitness, you’ll eventually find a tactic that works.

Relationships matter more than tactics too. Tactics may change over time. What you’re trying to use those tactics to accomplish doesn’t. You need a community and support with your fitness and health. Relationships matter.

You don’t control a lot of things, but you control how you respond. We each can be dealt some pretty ugly hands from time to time…but how we play those hands are up to us.

If you’re not planning, your time will never be very valuable. We’re each given 24 hours per day. What we get in exchange for those hours is up to us…and those who plan those hours will always get more from them than those who don’t.

Win The Day, Win The Week. That’s my focus for 2022. Personally & professionally. The long-term planning is fun, but what we do this week is what will determine if we reach our goals.

Celebrate your victories. You can dwell on the two bites of cookie you ate or celebrate that your three square meals were healthy and you committed to exercise that day. Life is good.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom