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Mondays Make It Happen

Monday set the tone. Feeling good at the end of a Monday spills into Tuesday and the rest of the week. It’s always going to be a better, more productive week when the tone is set early. Here is what I try to make happen on Mondays:

  • Wake up with positive thoughts.
  • Laugh immediately.
  • Make my first meal of the day one that leaves me full of energy and feeling good.
  • Accomplish a task or project as soon as possible.
  • Engage in some kind of physical movement.
  • Be gracious.

For me, laughter always leads to a positive mindset, so these two are often intertwined. Almost always this laughter takes place with another human. If I’m home in the morning its with my wife and kids. If I open the gym, its with a co-worker or member.

My eating habits have changed over the last year regarding breakfast. I used to focus on eating as soon as possible. Now it’s more like 90 minutes to 2 hours before I eat. I also choose foods like steel cut oats, eggs and fruit most of the time. The last thing I want is an upset, bloated belly during the morning hours.

Accomplishing a task could be work related like cleaning out my email inbox or emptying the dishwasher. Any little thing that needs to get done and takes under five minutes to complete.

My workouts usually take place in the middle of the day. Saturday and Sundays are usually intense workouts for me, so Monday is about movement and breaking a light sweat. From my experience, when I see our clients on Monday, I usually see them a couple more times during the week. Engaging in physical movement is a great task to accomplish first thing in the morning.

I enjoy being around people. I like making eye contact and saying hi or giving a head nod when I walk by people. Most people do not. I like to hold a door open when the opportunity presents itself. I like when people are pleasant and do the same. Life is too short to be unfriendly and staring at the ground.

What is your Monday checklist?