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No Guilt, No Stress Holiday Action Plan

Which category do you fall in?

  1. All year I’ve been committed to structured, purposeful movement a few times a week, as well as being mindful of my food choices and habits. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but I’ve kept my vessel on course.
  2. I’ve had good months and a few not so good months. My ship has taken in some water, but I’m still standing at the helm, pushing towards my destination.
  3. I hit rough seas about half way through the year, capsized and had to be towed back to dry land.
  4. Dude, the boat is still tied to the mooring whips and I’ve been drinking Red Stripes on the dock all year. Hooray Beer!

What’s the plan for the next two months?

The Holiday Season Is Here!

The golden rule of the holidays is to enjoy them. Everyone has their own interpretation of “enjoy”. Some families sing and harmonize Christmas carols, bake endless desserts and sip sparkling grape juice. While other families drink, play games, drink while playing games and play drinking games. Enjoy how you like, just don’t forget about your fitness.

Plant this seed now! – I will not create additional stress during the holidays

  • Do not stress about the additional guest coming to Thanksgiving dinner at your house. Instead, rejoice and be thankful that you have a house and people want to come to your house.
  • Don’t stress about your travels. Enjoy the laughs and adventure that lie before you.
  • Most importantly, don’t stress or feel guilty about eating, drinking and living it up during the holidays.

Now do not put words in my mouth. My statement above should not translate to, “Coach Dom said get drunk, eat pie and devour Hickory Farm beef sticks every chance we can get.”

  • Have a plan.
  • You can eat, drink and have fun without losing control.
  • Holiday parties and events don’t randomly happen. You know when they are, so plan around them.
  • Eat well about 80% of the time and continue to do your workouts and you’ll be fine.

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