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Coach Dom’s Total Body Workout (No Equipment!)

I love running a gym. Personally, I think there’s no better way to hit your fitness goals than having a trainer to challenge you, educate you, and celebrate every success.

But there are times when a gym workout just won’t cut it.

Maybe you’re traveling. Maybe you’re stuck at home working for the cable guy. Maybe you just want someone to tell you what to do so you don’t have to think.

This total body workout is a perfect solution. And the best part? No equipment needed!

No gym, no equipment, no problem!


Coach Dom’s Total Body Workout

This workout is derived from a “Dom’s Delight” series that I recently started at Breakthrough Fitness. I call it “First Blood.” (Yes, like the Stallone movie. Don’t judge.) No blood will be shed during this total body workout. It’s aim is to be challenging, yet rewarding.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


  • A towel or mat.
  • A timer or clock (I use an app on my phone called GymBoss).


Just follow along! I’ll walk you through the entire thing, including a seven-minute warmup.

The actual workout consists of 43 movements done continuously. You’ll do each move for 30 seconds, followed by a 20-second rest. You can pause the video any time you need a break.

Only have 20 minutes? Just follow the video until 20 minutes is up. Work at your pace and do what you can. When you can do more, do more.

If you enjoyed this total body workout and want more, join us at Breakthrough to get started on your fitness journey.

Keep moving,

Coach Dominic Lucibello