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Someone has to say no, we are eating the chicken!

There is at least one random night a week that I may not feel like cooking or the wife doesn’t want what was planned. Since I’m the cook in the house, most of the burden for dinners falls on me. This is a good thing, because my wife is not a good cook. In our house, when she cooks, we pray after we eat!

Let me paint a picture…..

It was a random Thursday. Before I left for work, I took chicken out of the freezer to thaw. Around 2pm I received the daily, “what are we doing for dinner” text from my wife. I replied, “I took chicken out.” She replies with a screen shot of a Marco’s Pizza advertisement and this emoji.

Marco is super nice guy. He always knows when to send us a postcard or drop us an email. He recently sent us this nice email.

Dear Dominic & Leslie,

We miss you! We haven’t seen you for sometime. We hope everything is okay. Dom, as you may know the average American eats 23lbs of pizza each year. This means that a few of your neighbors are eating very little pizza and some are scarfing down more than 46lbs of pizza during a 365 day span. We are concerned that if you don’t eat a pizza soon you will not consume your 23lbs, falling below average.   Dominic & Leslie, you know  how much your old buddy Marco likes to hear from you, so if you give me a call today I’ll give you a FREE 86 inch pizza when you buy an 86 inch pizza. Please call today if you have the chance. I am really concerned.


Your BFF Marco

PS – Dial the 10 digits and the 2 liters are on us!

At this moment I had the power to say to my wife, “that’s nice, but I already took out the chicken, so let’s just eat that. Instead I replied, “I guess we can get pizza, Marco does miss us.”

Our decision snowballed

My chicken dinner of roughly 400 calories was now well over 1,000 calories. Along comes Friday and our normal work/picking up children routine gets thrown for a loop. Next thing you know we are sitting at Sonney’s Real Pit BBQ for dinner! Chalk up another 1,000+ calorie meal, as well as throwing away chicken that went uncooked.

Who is going to say no?

All one of us had to do was say no. Saying no would have eliminated one high calorie, fat bomb of a meal and kept money in our pocket.  Instead, I stuffed my face two nights in a row, feeling bloated and terrible.

It’s reasonable stuff like eliminating one bad decision a week that works for long-term fitness and health.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the hot diet trends. We are all so busy wondering if we should be intermittent fasting or following a Keto-diet. Instead, we should focus on eliminating random Thursday night pizza, avoiding the concession stand at our kids ball games and cutting out snacks during our Friday night Game of Thrones binge.

Keep it simple and good things will happen.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom