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Nutrition Tip – H.A.L.T. For A Minute Before Eating Your Meals

Nutrition plans and diets are usually built around two things:

  • What you are supposed to eat – protein, carbs, fats, vitamins….
  • How Much you are supposed to eat – grams, macros, calories and percentages.

These are important, but HOW we eat and WHY we eat are just as important.

Emotional Eating

Emotions attached to food isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Food is family, date night, culture and many other wonderful things. Finding comfort in food isn’t necessarily bad either. Food tastes good and it makes us feel better. Food is a stimulate.

We all find comfort in food sometimes, but problems start to happen when:

  • we feel out of control.
  • we can’t stop or don’t stop when satisfied.
  • we do it excessively.
  • it’s the only way we know how to manage our feelings.

Possible Solution – HALT

HALT stands for:

  • Hungry
  • Angry (Anxious)
  • Lonely
  • Tired

The first step in controlling emotional eating is to get in the habit of “checking in” on WHY you are eating. Take a minute and ask yourself if you are hungry, anxious, lonely or tired?

Step 1 – recognize what you are thinking, feeling and experiencing.

Step 2 – Find a course of action (alternatives) that can take the place of eating. Things such as:

  • going for a walk.
  • journaling.
  • calling a friend. Better yet, your mom or relative you haven’t talked to as much as you should.

Journaling and tracking what and how much you eat can definitely help with your goals, but often there are other factors at play. Emotional eating may be one of them. Keep journaling your foods, but also journal your thoughts and feelings around each meal.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom

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