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Breakthrough Fitness

On Paper

On paper, the physiology of body change comes down to:

Eat the right amount of quality foods + move the right amount and you can expect results.

But “on paper” isn’t REAL WORLD with all the:





We have a lot of choices. We can plan ahead of time on what we will roughly eat that day or freestyle and just decide on the fly.

We can pick up provisions or we can have a service deliver everything we need for a meal.

We can set aside time to prepare a couple healthier meals that can be frozen or we buy pre-packaged frozen meals.

On paper we can snap our fingers and eliminate the habit of nightly drinks that formed during the pandemic.

On paper there aren’t break rooms, pot lucks, birthdays and Netflix binges.

On paper there aren’t soccer practices, deadlines and committees.

We all spend far too much time worrying about details that really aren’t that important.

“Coach, should you eat white rice or brown rice?

The food we eat matters and so does movement, but real change happens when we improve our choices, habits and behaviors.

When it comes to obligations, sometimes you have to choose what’s most important and say NO to a few things.

The science works, but you have to figure out how to apply it in YOUR world.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom