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Breakthrough Fitness

Open Season

It’s open season. I’m not talking about open season on health insurance, lobster or deer.

It’s open season on fat.

The period of time between “back to school”/end of summer and Thanksgiving is one of those seasons of life that works well for fitness goals, especially fat loss.

Losing fat and keeping it off looks simple on paper, but it’s not always easy in the real world. As the saying goes, “when you make plans, God laughs.”

In Fantasyland when you eat well for a week the fat melts off. Everything you do works perfectly and goes as planned. In Fantasyland you don’t have to take care of a sick child or an aging parent. Work in Fantasyland is on your time, not the companies. In Fantasyland your fairy godmother comes down, plump and cheerful waving her wand, making family issues, school and a pandemic disappear.

Not in the Real World…

In the Real World you have to make tough decisions and deal with all the things life throws at you. That’s the beauty of life. You decide.

You decide to watch hours of tv nightly or dedicate some of that time to preparing healthy meals.

You decide to bring your lunch to work or get fast food.

You decide to sleep in or get up early and hit the gym.

You decide to use food and alcohol as a tool to deal with stress and emotions or find a better coping mechanism.

You decide if you want to change or stay the same.

You decide to change the story and rise up.

If you decide you can use a fresh start to help you drop those unwanted pounds, build strength or just feel good about your overall health, now is a great time.

And, if you decide you can use help:

  • With a plan that maps out everything you have to do.
  • Accountability to make sure the plan is getting put into action.
  • A team of coaches to encourage and help get you “from here to there”.
  • A comfortable environment that’s safe, welcoming and dedicated to YOU.

We are here to help.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom