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Breakthrough Fitness

Raise Your Glass And Let’s Make A Toast!

Today marks nine years of since Breakthrough Fitness opened its doors!!! Every time we reach another successful year, I start to reflect on the past as well as think about the future. The last nine years has been full of ups, downs and everything in between. As much as I’ve done right, I’ve done just as many things wrong. I have gained wisdom and learned valuable lessons by making mistakes.

An endeavor is an endeavor. They all require the same things. Success in a business endeavor is no different than achieving success in fitness. A successful marriage, retirement plan or getting really good at a sport or skill all require the same things:

  • Vision
  • Goals
  • Belief
  • Help
  • Hard Work
  • Persistence
  • Change

Let’s take a walk down Breakthrough Fitness memory lane……………………

August 2008

I relocated from Pompano Beach to Oviedo with my girlfriend (now my wife), so she could obtain her master’s degree from UCF.  I did not know a single person.  I began networking and meeting people. I slowly started picking up a few personal training clients.  Soon, I was driving all over the Greater Orlando area training clients in homes and parks.  Two years I did this and something had to change. A vision of owning a facility and how that facility would function started forming.  I started telling my family, friends and current clients my plans.

Visualizing how you want to look and feel is very powerful. If you want to lose 30lbs you have to act as if you have already done it. You have to be confident and believe you can do it. The people who care about you really want to see you succeed. Tell these people your intentions and ask them for help.

November 2008

I attend a Perform Better seminar. Alywn Cosgrove’s presentation titled, “Transitioning from trainer to business owner” spoke directly to me. I realize there are established facilities doing what I wanted to do. I dragged my feet and missed the opportunity to participate in the Cosgrove’s January mentorship. I was nervous and scared of change.

A vision without action is just a dream

July 2009

Flew to California to participate in a three – day mentorship program Alwyn and his wife Rachel held at their facility – Results Fitness.  Made the investment to hire them as my business coaches. I was now part of a team. A team of individuals I could lean on for advice and fresh ideas.

You are not trying to accomplish anything that someone else hasn’t already figured out. You have to invest in yourself and seek help. Hire trainers, learn from friends or other members who have reached their goals. 

During my mentorship Alwyn and Rachel asked me to design my ideal lifestyle. How would each day look? What’s really important? What do you want? When I put my ideal life in to perspective, it opened up my eyes. I didn’t write down that I wanted a seventy foot yacht or stuff like that.

  • I wanted a family.
  • I wanted freedom to be able to spend time with my family.
  • I wanted to be around people all day.
  • I wanted to make enough money to support my family and take a couple vacations each year. Enjoy weekend trips to Disney and local getaways.
  • Reliable cars. A boat.
  • Retirement funds to travel. College money.

When it comes to being “fit” you need to have your own definition. Don’t fall into the trap that you need to look or train a certain way to be fit. Once you know what you want it’s simple. Just figure out what it will take to get there and do the work. Don’t confuse simple with easy.

April 2010 

Leslie (fiancee at the time), calls and tells me of a property she found that might be a good spot for BTF. I’ll never forget the butterflies in my stomach the moment I looked through the window. Everything just got very real. This was the place and there was no turning back.

When you set out on a goal, that goal probably has an affect on others. This women, who I was not yet married to believed in me. Sometimes your goals need to be bigger than yourself. Look at your children or the ones important to you. Are your nutritional choices affecting your family as a whole? Is lack of strength and energy keeping you from doing physical activities with family and friends?

June 2010

Jump and the net will appear

Breakthrough Fitness is an official brick and mortar fitness training facility. And I wore all the hats!

  • CEO – Dominic Lucibello – Zero experience operating a business.
  • CFO – Dominic Lucibello – Excels at gym math. The bar weighs 45lbs and by the thickness and dimension of the weight plates on the bar, I’m going to say that’s 95lbs?
  • Sales Division – Dominic Lucibello – How hard can it be? I enjoyed the movie Tommy Boy, which was all about sales! – “You can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up a cow’s ass or you can take the butcher’s word for it. What will it be?”
  • Marketing Specialist – Dominic Lucibello – Wait, you mean people won’t just find us on their own?
  • Program Design – Dominic Lucibello
  • Trainer – Dominic Lucibello – Looking back, I didn’t deserve the title of Coach.
  • Janitor – Dominic Lucibello – The toilets don’t clean themselves.

June 2010 – November 2012

  • Working 14 hour days.
  • Training clients in the morning.
  • Networking to meet new people.
  • Designing ads.
  • Learning how to be comfortable selling.
  • Reading books on marketing and trying new ideas. Find ways to get the word out about BTF.
  • Training more clients.
  • Having doubt. Losing confidence.
  • Wake up to a new day and it was time to make the donuts. Day after day.

Figure it out and get to work. You will doubt your abilities and wonder if you made the right choice. You will fail and fall on your face. You will dust yourself off and learn from the experience. Your confidence will return and grow stronger. You know what needs to be done, so you get up each day and get to the gym. You do what is necessary until you reach your goal. Then you create a new goal.

In business you can’t be everything to everybody. Same applies to fitness goals. You can’t train for a marathon and a bodybuilding competition simultaneously. They are conflicting goals. Pick a result you desire and stay determined until you reach that result.

November 2012

  • Olivia is born and I needed help! I knew working 80 hours a week wasn’t an option. BTF would not have continued to grow without help.
  • Brian Woods became my first team member.

Unless you are completely motivated to push yourself to new limits, you need help. A team approach to fitness will help you grow and reach new levels of fitness.

June 2014

The team grows again and the growth of the gym is on a nice steady climb for three years. I’m on a biscuit train with gravy wheels!

March 2015

BTF Cafe opens to provide our members with a healthy post-workout nutritional option. Providing recovery shakes has been part of my vision since we opened our doors.

Timing is everything. Just because you can’t do something now doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t be able to down the road. I sold real estate for a year prior to getting back into personal training. I did not like selling houses. I truly believe my experience selling real estate- which I looked at as a failure,  played a huge part in making BTF successful. 

May 2016

Change happens. The comfort of the last three years is gone and I’m scared. I feel sorry for myself for a minute, then I take a deep breath and figure it out.

The show goes on with a new team who step up and shines brightly. Things keep rolling along and I realize it’s all going to be okay.

Feb 2018

  • I take a look in the mirror and realized that I’VE FORGOTTEN THE IMPORTANCE OF CONTINUAL PERSONAL GROWTH. I realized if I want to reach the goals I set, I have work to do.
  • I immediately began reading again and started studying for my Precision Nutrition Certification.
  • I set side time again for reading.
  • I took some of my own advice and started focusing on getting “just a little better.”

You will come to a point where you will have to choose safety or continue forward towards growth. There will be plateaus and periods of time that fear will enter the scene.

Fear must be overcome again and again

June 2019

  • Last night the gym celebrated another successful Summer Shred Challenge with Team Gold taking 1st place!
  • I’m pumped about the new nutrition coaching service.
  • The gym is full of amazing men and women who I admire for their commitment to showing up and doing the work.
  • My days are filled with laughter and enjoyment.
  • I get to work with a team of compassionate, caring, talented individuals who are the reason Breakthrough Fitness is awesome. Dominique, Julia, Brian, Eric, Bella and Sam – Thank You for being amazing!
  • My ten year goal is in the cross-hairs and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Business can be hard. Staying committed to fitness and eating well can be hard. Marriage can be hard. Parenting can be hard. Saving money can be hard.

Life is wonderful, let’s not forget to live in the moment. Play the long game on improvement. Just keep getting a little better…..

My family and I are so grateful for everyone who has given us the opportunity to help them upgrade their lives through fitness. 

Keep moving,

Coach Dom