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Breakthrough Fitness

Scratch, Kick And Claw Your Way To Happiness (A Woman’s Transformation Story)

Your thoughts start to wonder as you drive home from work through a nasty storm. The pouring rain, gusting wind and dark clouds make you think of a time not long ago when the sun rarely shined in your life. It was the time before you got on the highway to success. You remembered how you would “get away” with sweet and salty snacks that would comfort you and wash away your problems, frustrations, and inadequacies. Your nightly getaway soon became a consuming necessity. During your getaways clothes started fitting tighter, simple chores became hard and enjoyable conversations turned into yelling matches.

For the next ten years you masqueraded around in a body you despised, covering it with large, loose clothing. Family portraits, weddings, and outdoor functions became your enemies. You looked at women with great bodies and said, “I could never look like that”- even though you once did. Your sex life was in the gutter and you were always tired and never had energy.

The rain has stopped and the sun began to shine through the clouds making your drive more pleasant. You start to laugh about all the money you spent on diets and gimmicks during the “dark ages”- your reference for those depressing years.

You went through the list of excuses you had; my kids come first, I don’t have time, work is hectic, I am destined to be fat, eating the same foods is boring, I don’t like gyms.

Then the day came. The call from your father saying, mom is getting some tests done. Mom hasn’t taken care of herself over the years and she has started to have health issues. These problems could have been avoided through proper eating and exercise.

Everyone has a moment when they decide to take back their life. This was your moment. You vowed from that day on you were going to scratch, claw, and kick your way back to happiness. No more excuses, no more two months and quit. This time it was permanent.

As you get off the exit and pay the toll, it occurs to you that your journey into fitness has had its tolls.

  • You realize now that the journey is what made you who you are today.
  • The daily struggles and commitment have led to control.
  • You are in charge of your life.
  • You’ve gotten out of your comfort zone and challenged your physical capabilities and in the process you’ve discovered new potential you never thought possible.
  • You fuel your body with foods that make you strong and healthy.
  • You are no longer a number on the scale, but a fit woman who celebrates her strengths.
  • You have learned how to manage your stress and relax.
  • You have inspired friends to take back their lives.
  • Now you are a team, providing each other with support and motivation.
  • You are a hero and role model to your kids.

You pull into the drive, happy to be home. You hug and kiss your kids and can’t wait to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine and conversation with your husband. Life is good.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom