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Six Ideas For Overcoming Common Fitness And Nutrition Triggers

I eat well until dinner then I want to eat everything in sight. This was what a friend of mine said recently when discussing nutrition. Which gave me the idea for this article.

Do you know your “until….”?

I eat well until I show up to work and someone brought donuts and danish. Which is everyday.

I eat well until I sit down on the couch and watch TV.

I do well until wine hits my lips. It’s so tasty on my lips that it’s hard not to finish the entire bottle.

I do well with my fitness until life gets a little hectic. Which happens often.

I do well until stress builds up and I use food or drink for a release.

We can all identify triggers that lead to poor food choices, high consumption or not making time for fitness.

What are we doing about it?

  • Do you have dinner planned out in advance? Is it portion controlled?
  • Did you fill up on a nutritious breakfast before leaving the house? Or just figured you would eat a couple donuts cause you know they’ll be there.
  • Is reading a book or working on a project around the house an option instead of TV?
  • Maybe you let the wine rack stay empty and see how you feel and sleep for a week or two.
  • Having 30-60 minutes of time dedicated to your health and well-being, will have a resounding affect on everyone around you. Create some boundaries and make fitness a priority. This most likely will require sacrifice.
  • Exercise is a great stress relief. Could you pack a bag and hit the gym or run right after work? I think the hard work you just put in will lead to better food choices.

When you make something a priority, you’ll find away to do it. Make eating better and fitness a life-long priority.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom