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Stop the Hate

You can’t hate yourself healthy.

I’ve talked before about the three things that need to be right if you want to see change to your body, health and overall happiness.

  1. Think right – mind, attitude, mood.
  2. Eat right – lots of veggies and protein is a great place to start.
  3. Move right – strength training & conditioning

They might seem like separate entities, but they are all intertwined. Movement and highly nutritious foods have a positive affect on our mood and mindset. But they can’t erase the demons or mental struggles you are dealing with from your childhood, past relationships, and your own perceptions.

I’ve witnessed clients eat right, move right and think right for periods of time, only to let doubt, lack of confidence and hateful talk about their bodies and character crush their chance for results to stick.

Negative self-talk will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Pay close attention to how you talk to yourself and others about – your body, food, and working out.

Your actions and your speaking have to match. It’s time to flip the script….

You could say, “I can never resist when you guys bring baked goods to work.”


“You guys are going to have to eat the brownies without me this time. I don’t eat brownies on Tuesday, lol. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to have something sweet on my free day.”

The ride to improvement starts with movement. Lift weights, sweat and breath heavy sometimes, play with the kids, take casual walks and take the boat out more often. Get moving and let it’s magical powers seep into your brain, creating thoughts of strength, confidence and vigor. Keep moving forward,embracing and confronting your struggles. Throw in more vegetables, pedicures, and laughs. Give more attention to the good things on the ride.

Easter is around the corner, which means deviled eggs!! I love them and I will eat ALL of them. I’m okay with this since I only eat deviled eggs once a year. Until Now! I stumbled upon this recipe for Avocado Deviled Eggs.

It combines two of my favorite healthy foods – eggs and avocados. So, if you like these two foods, give it a try. I’m waiting until Easter to make them (along with an undisclosed amount of regular deviled eggs) since I’ll already be boiling eggs.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom