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Successful Weight Loss Starts In Your Mind


This is a recent texting conversation between two of our members…..

Michelle has been a member for a few years. Sam is in her third week.

Michelle – Come to Happy hour with me tonight (Friday at 1:55pm)

Sam- Going to the gym at 5:15pm.  Need to put some more time in this week.  Next time though.

Sam- I am starting to like going to the gym!!! It’s a work in progress but thank you for kickin my butt to get in there finally.

Michelle – I love that you love working out.

Sam- Not saying I love it but I can see it becoming a part of my life.  Love that I feel stronger physically and mentally too.  Lost a little weight!  I actually completed my first full work out this week.  So happy!!

Michelle – So proud of you.

A train is useless without it’s engine.

Your mindset is the engine, the producer of great power.

You start by feeding it positive thoughts. These little bits of fuel start producing heat.

Eventually these thoughts create so much heat under your butt that you take action.

The train slowly pulls away from the station.

The train likes the feeling of rolling down the tracks doing what it is designed to do.

The train has to make a choice…. does it continue rolling down the tracks gaining speed or slam on the brakes because it is nervous about what lies ahead?

The train decides to keep rolling, which requires a constant supply of fuel. 

The best fuel is a blend of positive thoughts and accomplishments.

The locomotive is determined to reach it’s destination. Once the destination is reached the train will not sit idle for long…. another journey lies ahead.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom