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How To Incorporate Sweets Into A Healthy Lifestyle – Nutrition Makeover 2020

The perpetual Christmas “And” is there sitting on the counter for you in the morning. It’s also at work holding the door, welcoming you in with holiday cheer. After a tough day at the office you come home and the “And” invited all of his “And” friends.

I first learned of “And” from my father. After dinner one evening he looked at me and said, “we need to get some “And”.

Me: I said, “what is And?”

Dad: “It’s something to go along with my coffee. You know, coffee “And” a pastry, muffin, bear claw, cookies…..

It’s Christmas time, which means “And” is everywhere! There is no running or hiding from it.  You’ve done one of three things:

  • Avoided it completely because you have the strength and willpower of a Mandalorian – This is the way.
  • Enjoyed a small piece of “And” occasionally, keeping your spirits bright.
  • Have some “And” in the morning because it’s just sitting there. Pick and nibble off the cookie platters at work. Eat a handful or two of Jingle Jangle that your wife bought from Trader Joe’s’. All because it’s the happiest time of year!

They call it Jingle Jangle because that’s what your stomach does after you eat it!

Living with “And”

  • “And” intake is completely individual.
  • If your weight and body are making you unhappy, but you are working on improving your nutrition and fitness, then your “And” consumption needs to be low. Read that again. I said low, not ever!
  • Act like I’m Oprah…Everybody gets “And”!!

Maintaining a healthy weight while enjoying “And”

Everyone is unique and your lifestyle will dictate how much “And” you can consume without gaining weight. My dad loves some “And”. Let’s see how he has been able to manage his weight and health in his “golden” years:

  • Every morning my dad and stepmom take the dogs for a brisk 2-3 mile walk.
  • He maintains his house- landscaping in the summer, snow plowing in the winter (he live in Connecticut).
  • Every evening those beloved dogs get another 2-3 mile walk. Unless they are snowed in or the temperatures are extremely low these walks take place. *Note to all my Floridians – A temperature of 60 degrees is not considered extremely low.
  • Three meals are eaten daily and 99.5% of the time they are prepared at home. My parents watch their salt intake by not eating alot of packaged carbs or other processed foods.This also eliminates added sugars and fillers.
  • Meals usually consist of a meat/poultry, vegetable and carb – rice, potatoes, etc
  • He does not drink sodas or alcohol.
  • “And” is not consumed every night.
  • When “And” is eaten it is a small piece.  Observing and participating in my dads “And” intake would lead me to the conclusion that 10% of his daily calories are coming from “And”.

Plan the “And”

If you want to change the shape of your body and lose fat, give the 90/10 plan a try.

The 90/10 rule can work two ways:

  • The first way is to allow yourself a little “And” daily – This isn’t the best option for those who have a hard time keeping a little snack little.

10% of a 1,500 calorie diet = 150 calories a day to have a little And. Not much, but if you aren’t drinking alcohol or dining out frequently, you’ll find this to work really well.

  • The second way is to save your daily 10% of calories and use them over the weekend.

150 calories a day x 5 (weekdays) = 750 calories in surplus. You can use these additional calories over the weekend.

  • 90% of your foods should come from whole, unprocessed, healthy foods that fuel the body for success – vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains.
  • 10% can be whatever you like.  Coffee “And”…….

Nutrition Makeover 2020

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It’s time to find your happy place!

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